Challenge to Allies and Life-Long-Learners

Stay committed. Our children and community need you. It is on all of us to create a safe environment where we do not have all the right answers but we are devoted to being open and allowing ourselves to grow.

Be open to learning from your mistakes. It is inevitable that mistakes will happen. What is important is that you DO NOT shy away from this work after you do something wrong. Take ownership over your mistake, lean into your discomfort, and educate yourself so that you can do better moving forward.

Step Up. Ownership of this work should not solely fall on the shoulders of a select group of people. Say something, even if it is something as simple as "that was not okay," when you see or feel injustice or discrimination happening. No matter what space you are in, your voice matters!

Listen. Radically open yourself up to actively listening to the stories and experiences of others. One size does not fit all. Although people may identify similarly and communities may look the same from an outsider's perspective, intersectionality and life experiences play a huge role in how individuals and communities view themselves and the world around them.